Communication, Transparency and Solutions



At A Maintainable Rate

Hutto is one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation. I have experienced the fight against huge developers who have tried to steamroll the citizens of Hutto, specifically in Lakeside Estates. I am proud to say, with our perseverance and the attention of key members of the City Council, reckless development has stopped. I am a solution-driven individual. I am pro-growth when it is maintainable by:

  • Limiting the amount of acreage annexed to the city per year

  • Providing more notice to citizens about development

  • Not relying on PID's or PUD's that do not benefit the city

  • Slowing down the process for new plat approval

  • Waiting for the impact fee study to be completed to allow Hutto to use those fees before finalizing the process

  • Waiting for lift stations and water studies to be done

  •  Analyzing the Traffic impact needs before plats are approved

I am not saying to stop growth, but we need to make sure that the city can catch its breath. We need to grow responsibly! We can continue to grow and keep the charm we all know love and about Hutto.

Hutto Water.jpeg



Hutto's water is a hot topic. Based on council meetings discussions and attending forums, it is clear that the water rates will likely never go down. We all miscalculated the advantages of buying a water system. At the time, Hutto was not using all the water we were paying for, and purchasing the system seemed to make sense, but by the time we bought the new water system, the estimated amount increased and, our consumption was already over what it could handle. The expansions of lift stations and the water system have continued to drive water prices up.  Charging Impact Fees to new developers will decrease the financial burden of rising water rates for current Hutto residents.



The Stakes Are High

The 2019 financial audit shows that Hutto's spending habits were deplorable. Our community needs a mixture of healing and retribution. We should not continue to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep looking for misappropriations. We cannot waste precious time basking in the negatives and wrongdoings. I believe that the top 10% of the expenditures require further investigation, but Hutto cannot afford to spend time and money on minor issues. We owe justice to those citizens who were laid off due to inappropriate financial handling and tell them, "Never again!" We must move forward with:

  • Better financial planning 

  • Communication across platforms

  • Accurate summaries from our board meetings

  • Recommendations to the city council to develop a master plan

It honestly feels like we haven't been thinking of the big picture, placing structures in areas that do not make sense in the long run. We need to be smarter about the investments that we choose.



For A Better Future

The citizens of Hutto must get involved. I want City Hall filled with citizens who feel respected and comfortable voicing their opinions. I know that before COVID, involvement was sparse, and now with COVID concerns, it may even be more difficult. Hutto has started beneficial initiatives, for example, Hutto University, which educates other communities on Hutto's unique characteristics. I want to broaden this initiative. We have a diverse community with immense talent, and it is part of the City Council's responsibility to seek out this talent and fill our boards with qualified people who care. As a citizen who has stayed at City Hall until midnight (or later), I know we need to streamline meetings. If we have community members who are signed up to speak on agenda items, it will be my first motion to move those items up on the docket. I will work for you, the Hutto citizens. I value your time and understand that you have taken your time to come down to City Hall, and your issues are important. I do not want to see people get up to leave because it is past 11:00 PM, and their agenda item hasn't come up. 

I have enough experience with the city to make changes, but not so much that I am tainted.

  • I believe in transparency

  • I believe in responsible growth

  • I believe in communicating with citizens

If you have a specific concern, please feel free to use the chat on this site or e-mail me. 

I believe that I am the right choice for Hutto City Council - Place 5.